The Unique Approach To Marketing & Media Production Business With Hiixs Agency

Nasri Ali, CEO of HIIXS Agency

Hiixs Agency: Nasri Ali is an inspiring entrepreneur with creative and strategic thinking skills. His company, Hiixs Agency, provides effective marketing and media production services, and they are not your regular Marketing Agency. What they do instead is that they connect service providers with service receivers. This has an entirely revamped version of marketing.

To learn more about this unique concept of Hiixs Agency, we interview Nasri Ali, the CEO & Founder of the agency.  

Idea Behind The Unique Marketing Concept

To get a basic idea of how Hiixs came into existence, we asked Nasri about the idea behind the company. 

With that, he said, “Hiixs is a marketing and media production Freelance agency, by connecting service providers with service receivers. We assign the elites to carefully selected groups of professionals with multidisciplinary backgrounds in digital marketing and content creation.

In Iraq, there was a specific problem, many youths with very demanding skills but don’t have the knowledge or the experience to work. I met a lot of accomplished juniors in many volunteering campaigns, and I have been discussing the idea of Hiixs with them.

In addition, most companies have an HR scarcity in these fields. Also, they always wanted a trustworthy and proficient service provider to deal with.


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Hiixs became real in 2020 as a demo project, and then in 2022, we released Hiixs to the public.”

We also wanted to know more about Nasri’s career journey now. Hence, we asked him:

“How did you begin your career journey?” 

He says, “I have begun my career journey as a Freelance (Digital Marketer, Graphic Designer, Video Editor, Photographer, and Developer) at 15 years old. The goal of learning all these skills is to build my projects with zero budget.

One of the best decisions in my whole life is that I opened my first business, LORA BABY (digital baby clothes shop). It hasn’t achieved huge success, but a huge experience at that age.

I have worked as a media director and team organizer at many fairs. For instance, I was the media director for (Baghdad International Fair), the biggest and most popular fair in Iraq. The team consisted of more than 20 members.”

He also shares his advice to beginners: “FAILS ARE EXPERIENCE BUILDERS, so don’t be terrified of it. We all want to build a victorious project or career, But unfortunately, not everybody has it. Certainly, you will need experience for that, so you need to have tenacity when it comes to your own strategic thinking. DO IT!”

The Ultimate Mission & Team Success

“The main goal of Hiixs is to improve Iraq’s Private sector and encourage organizations to increase their attention to marketing by helping them with more effective and less expensive methods and plans. Hiixs provides a perfect environment for all passionate people who are really intent on their fields and future,” says Nasri.

We also asked him, “What makes the team successful, in your opinion?”


Professionals at Hiixs Agency

He says, “The environment is the compass for your team, which is more important than how fast you’re going is where you’re headed. In my opinion, being conscious of that is very important to building a healthy team going in the right direction.

Appreciation and Money are the fuel of your team. You can’t keep going without it. I have always provided some kinds of bonuses for the Diligent. Being more consequential about that helped my team a lot. In Hiixs, we give each contractor a handmade task for him.“

We also discussed the importance of the team’s energy levels for business success. With that, Nasri shares, “Hiring the right people in the right place, who are passionate and selfly motivated about what they are doing. Also, as a team leader, you must give them inspiration and appreciation.”

Our next question to him is, “How do you plan to motivate your team to go the extra mile?”

“The team leaders should give their peak for the team, and that’s the most effective way to motivate other game players to give their best. BE A ROLE MODEL!” he replies.

That was about teamwork and leadership, but what about facing challenges and adapting to the latest industry trends? 

To get insights on these aspects, we initially asked Nasri, “What keeps Hiixs Agency moving forward even during challenges?”

Nasri said, “To be honest, my team and I have faced many serious challenges, but we always try to keep it as positive, under control, and halcyon as possible. KEEP THE HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT!”

What about adapting to digitalization?

“Everything about Hiixs is technology based. Technology has helped me a lot to open and improve that project. Also, we have many plans to improve Hiixs more in this field.

Technology has extremely changed companies and start-up industries.

At Hiixs, we are doing our best to provide our clients with the latest technology and how to digitize their business in different fields (Marketing, Management, Content Creation, and Development). MAKE IT EASIER!” continues Nasri.

In addition to that, we also discussed using innovative ideas to be unique. According to him, “innovative ideas and creative thinking are one of the major points in this field. It requires being unique and different. Hiixs is consistently OUT OF THE BOX. We have such a creative team, and our client likes it special and effective. SO BE SPECIAL!”

What type of services does Hiixs offer? We asked Nasri.

“In Hiixs, we are the decisive factor behind your success. We assign you a carefully selected group of professionals with multidisciplinary backgrounds in digital marketing, project management, and content creation. With our cooperation, we will take your business to a whole new level!”

Lastly, we asked him, “Would you like to say anything else to our viewers?”

“In the end, I want to say that if you have a dream, make it a goal and start planning for it. You can’t build a successful start-up if you are sure it is going to succeed. SO BE BRAVE! GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE!” he says.

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