EAD Introduces New Digital System For Environment Inspection

Environment Agency
Environment Agency

The Environment Agency in Abu Dhabi (EAD) has recently presented Eltezam, a new digital system for protecting the environment. 

This system will allow EAD’s investigators more flexibility in evaluating the projects and facilities based on the actual onsite operations and activities. 

It will also enable the investigators to review any aspect of the activities carried on by the organization regarding environmental harm rather than being limited to the activities which are already listed on their ecological license. 

The launch of ‘Eltezam’is a part of EAD’s ongoing efforts, which is being set up to execute its regulatory role by protecting environmental standards in Abu Dhabi.

Faisal Al Hammadi, an ED of the Environmental Quality Sector at EAD, stated, “The Agency has evolved modern technological programmes and tools which ensure submission by the industrial facilities and development projects with environmental laws and requirements. We license and evaluate development projects, industrial facilities, infrastructure and commercial businesses in Abu Dhabi to reduce construction-related environmental effects. This is to ensure the submission of local laws and legislation associated with the best global environmental practices and the environmental, social, and economic progress in Abu Dhabi.”

Al Hammadi further added that ” The environmental investigation team at EAD organizes field visits to ensure that development projects, industrial facilities, infrastructure works and all other related activities and operations are applied according to the laws and regulations, obeying with the conditions of environmental licenses, and best global practices teamed to environmental protection.”

Ahmed Al Waheebi, a unit head of Compliance and Enforcement at EAD, stated, ” We are very conscious about the rapid economic growth, so we are keen on adopting the latest electronic and information systems to help achieve sustainable growth. We initiated all these practices whole, taking care of reducing the environmental impact on each stage of development, from planning to implementation. 

Al Waheebi further added that by launching this new digital system, EAD wants to build an adequate inspection system that will cover all industrial sectors, commercial activities, and infrastructure projects that unset its authority. “Eltezam” will complement the training regarding environmental violations and administrative fines.

The Agency has set up a series of training workshops for the Agency’s investigators so that they become familiar with the characteristics of the new system.

The environmental inspection and support system components include 93 sectors licensed under EAD. It also strives to assess the ecological effect of 38 operational processes by observing 277 potential environmental violations to prevent harm from all environmental pollutants across each activity that are licensed under the Agency’s jurisdiction. 


The Environment Agency (EAD) is the system that allows investigators to review any aspect of an organization’s activities that can cause potential harm to the environment.

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