Eid Al Fitr 2023 Holidays Declared in UAE’s Fourth Emirate

Eid Al Fitr
Eid Al Fitr

The UAE residents eagerly await the year’s first long weekend to celebrate Eid Al Fitr, as the holy month of Ramadan is close to the end. The Diwan Al Amiri in Umm Al Quwain published a circular concerning the blessed Eid Al Fitr holidays for the local sectors in the Emirate for the current year, 1444AH.

The circular specified that the holiday would start from the 29th of Ramadan till the 3rd of Shawwal, and Eid will be declared in the country based on the sighting of the Shawwal crescent. 

It also stated that employees would resume work from the 4th of Shawwal. In unity with that from the Georgian date, all employees in the local department will revert to the determined official working hours that were reduced during Ramadan. 

The moon-sighting committee of the UAE will meet on Thursday, April 20, to decide whether Eid is on Friday (April 21) or on Saturday, which is on( April 22). If Eid is on Friday, citizens will get a four-day break from Thursday to Sunday. If it is on Saturday, the holiday will last five days, from Thursday to Saturday. 

The UAE has called upon all Muslims to see the crescent moon on Thursday evening. 

(April 20), which resembles the Islamic calendar’s Ramadan 29( 1444AH), and then report it to the concerned authorities. 

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