Dubai Investment Visa For Expats & Investors


Investors worldwide are attracted to the UAE because of its favorable business environment and flourishing economy. There are many investment opportunities in the UAE, making it easy for investors to grab and make it worthwhile. For this reason, the UAE has set up a separate visa that falls under the Dubai Investor visa or Partner visa category.

However, there are specific processes attached to the visa procedures that the investors have to follow to foresee a better future for their families and enterprises.


What is a Dubai Investor Visa?

A Dubai investor visa is one kind of residence visa that permits an investor to live and work in Dubai. To procure this visa, an investor must invest in a business or real estate in Dubai. However, for obtaining this visa, there are specific requirements on the type of investments, which differ per the particular regulations of the UAE.

Besides this, Dubai is about to bring up new policies to ease the procedure for obtaining licenses and permits, thereby reducing the processing time for different formalities. One such system is set out, which establishes new economic zones for attracting specific investments like manufacturing, technology, and financial services. 

Dubai Investor Visa Eligibility 

Any investor who provides the necessary documentation for qualifying for the investor visa and proof of their financial stability followed by sufficient funds while living in Dubai can be eligible for an Investor visa. 

Different Categories of Investor Visa 

Let’s take a sneak peek at the different categories of Investor Visas 

1. Property Investment 

To obtain an investor visa, an investor can invest a subsequent financial investment in real estate by purchasing a property worth a certain amount. Investors who invest in a property worth AED 1 million are eligible for a three-year investment visa. In the case of a five-year investment visa, an investor has to invest in a property worth AED 5 million. It has a validity of 3-5 years. 

2. Company investment 

The company investments are divided into two zones 

  • Mainland zone
  • Free zones 

In the mainland zone, any investor wishing to open or invest in a business has to give a minimum amount of AED 72,000. In this, local partners are also included. 

In a free zone, local partners are not required, and a free zone is free from taxes in which an investor can have 100% ownership of the company. 

It has a validity of up to three years.

3. Retirement Visa 

Investors who are aged 55 are also eligible for an investor visa. In such cases, a retirement visa is applicable following an investment in residential property with an a.minimum amount of AED 2 million. 

This category has a validity of 5 years. 

4. Golden Visa 

Real estate Investors can obtain a golden visa under the following conditions 

  • If they purchase a property with AED 2 million 
  • If they buy a property with a loan from local banks 
  • If they buy a property that the local real estate companies approve. 

Golden visas for entrepreneurs can also be obtained under specific laws and regulations.

Based on the information provided by VisaGuide.World “Authorities in Abu Dhabi has announced that the Golden Visa scheme will be valid for a period of ten years instead of five years. The new changes have been confirmed by the Director of Operations at the Abu Dhabi Residents Office, Mark Dorzi.”

Required documents for an investor visa 

The documents needed to apply for an investor visa in Dubai are listed below 

  • Bank account IBAN of the sponsor 
  • Establishment card 
  • Memorandum papers as proof of ownership 
  • One photograph with white background 
  • Partners’s current UAE visa 
  • Passport copy of the partner 
  • Copy of Trade license 
  • Original Emirates ID of the sponsor 


The information mentioned above guides you in obtaining an investment visa. Any ex-pat can settle in Dubai and apply for an investor visa based on the above information. The above-listed documents are needed to procure the investor visa in Dubai. You must apply for an investor visa in Dubai directly in the GDRFA offices. 

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