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Procrastination is usually seen in students. Students often need to work on their homework or study for a test. It is also seen in college-going students who delay their work and assignments until the last moment based on hard work or time consumption. 

Let’s have a look at the tips used to overcome procrastination. 

Ways To Overcome Procrastination?

Here are some tips and facts which can be used to overcome procrastination.

Best Ways To Stop Procrastination

Get organized

You will only work if you have a plan or idea for completing a desired task. Investing and maintaining a planner is a good idea. Also, please keep track of your assignments and their due dates to complete your homework before the deadline quickly. When you are organized, it will give you an idea about how much time a desired task can be achieved based on tracking your time.

Eliminate distractions 

Get rid of the distractions which will distract you from completing your work. Shut your phone off, listen to classical music or go to a quiet place that will allow you to deal with the distractions around you. 

Set goals 

Set the goals which you can complete. In other words, set a part of the goal you can fulfil. For instance, instead of saying, “I will complete my assignment tonight”, say, ” I will complete one-fourth part of the assignment. This will make your goal achievable. 


Learn to prioritize your work and assignments. Make a list every week regarding the needs which are to be fulfilled. Work on your list of employment or study and arrange them as per their nature. First, get started with the most challenging task so that everything, after that comes, will be seen as manageable. 

Take a break 

Another way to overcome procrastination is taking a break of 10-15 minutes. It might be anything like listening to music, walking, or screaming inside the pillow. This will keep your mind away from your workload and allow you to relax. According to a study, taking a break will increase focus, reduce stress, and help maintain the information. 

Change your environment 

Different environments have different impacts on your mind and body. For instance, studying in the library and studying in your room makes a huge difference. The library is lively; you will do your work with zest without getting distracted, whereas at home, you will be distracted by many things like a phone, a bell on the door, women talking with each other and so on. In short, the environment significantly impacts your mind and soul. 

Decrease the number of decisions you need to make

Another effective way to overcome procrastination is to reduce the number of decisions we make during a given day by making those decisions before time or else creating a habit around a specific time to boost your effectiveness, which will stop you from draining your energy by thinking about whether you do or not.

Finish your day before it starts 

The best and most advisable way to stop procrastination is to plan your days. 

Everyone is jumbled in the mundane activities of life. Every work or every task is to be completed at the desired time; rather than moving around hastily to complete your homework, take some minutes by the end of each day to quickly plan for the following day. 

This will overcome procrastination, as it is planned out in advance, and hence you are aware of each task that is to be performed, making it easier and more manageable for you. 

Stop overcomplicating things 

Don’t complicate things unnecessarily. Sometimes you wait for the moment or a time to do a specific task. Please don’t wait for the perfect time; it will abandon your thought process. If you keep waiting for the ideal time, you will only be able to accomplish something. Perfectionism is the biggest reason for procrastination.

Reward yourself 

Reward gives motivation. Offering a reward to yourself is an excellent hack to stop procrastination. Decide to complete a task within the desired time, and after completing the job, give yourself a tap on your back or reward yourself. 

Be with people who inspire you to take action 

Identify your friends and colleagues who trigger your hard work and go out with them more often. This will make you identify your hidden potential. 


To overcome procrastination, plan your activities and events and take action on them. Above mentioned strategies will help you deal with procrastination.


1. How do I stop procrastination?

Procrastination is a trap. To stop procrastination, you should be organized in your work schedule and plan every work or routine to avoid procrastination. This will also be useful in maintaining your energy level, which ought to go down with following the thought of procrastination.

2. What is the leading cause of procrastination?

Perfectionism is the leading cause of procrastination. Most people hesitate to do a simple task as they are worried and fearful of performing a particular task. They need to be more organized with their time and resources, so making a thing perfect is always on their mind, which leads to procrastination.

3. Does procrastination mean laziness?

Procrastination is often confused with laziness, but they are distinct. Procrastination is an active method where you can manage to do something else instead of the task you ought to do. On the contrary, laziness suggests inactivity and unwillingness to work.

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