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per ronny stav
per ronny stav

Per Ronny Stav is a leading entrepreneur when we talk about business applications. Our curiosity to learn about his new venturesome grew when we heard about him and his ideas. He is the Founder of ONE Solution Group, about which you will get to know through this interview.

The Major Idea For It All

Our first question was, “When we asked What’s the idea behind Your Company?”


ONE Solution Group Logo

PRS – “The idea behind ONE Solution Group is to deliver Next Generation User Experience to enterprises. We do this by unlocking challenges with current business applications and complexity in the system landscape by AI & Voice.”

This is about the company. We also wanted to know how Per Ronny Stav grew his professional career over the years. Hence, we asked him, “How did you begin your career journey?”

He said, “I have a Master in Business and Administration, specializing in auditing and tax planning. But started right after my studies in an ERP company in Norway and have continued in the IT industry ever since and always with a focus on Unit4 ERP. From an IT consultant in Norway serving Unit4 customers on their Unit4 ERP solution, I continued to the role as a consulting manager in France. I was involved in taking this solution internationally to France, Spain, Italy, Germany etc. In 2015 I left Unit 4 and started Arribatec. After three years, we were Unit4’s biggest partner globally and, in 2020 we had more than 400 employees in 18 countries and Arribatec listed on Oslo Stock Exchange. 

In between the interview, we also asked him, “Do you have some advice for beginners?”

PRS – “Don’t be afraid to think big and to go internationally. There is no free lunch, so hard work, persistence, and a strong strategy normally pays off.”

The Ultimate Goal

“What’s the goal of ONE Solution Group?” We asked.

Per Ronny Stav stated, “I want to repeat the story in ONE Solution Group, building a large global company now with a base in UAE and capitalize on the great potential and growth I see in this market. My new ideas for our ONE Assistant – AI & Voice based Digital Assistant is unique and will provide a revolutionary solution for enterprises to drive digital transformation, streamline business processes and improve efficiency with AI & Voice.”

Goals are important for any company to have something to look forward to for enhanced development. However, we believe that a team and proper teamwork are also important. So, we also discussed some aspects of the team with Per Ronny Stav.

Team Engagement in Business

Our first question regarding teamwork was, “What makes the team successful, in your opinion?”

PRS – “A team needs different types of people, different competencies to complement each other, but also importantly strong individuals with their own opinions as well as they need to be able to listen. Challenge each other is the best way to bring value to and make teams successful.” 

We also discussed the importance of employees’ energy levels with Per Ronny Stav.

He says, “We are all different, and so is our energy level, but you need a certain level of energy and a passion for the project/company and its visions and strategy. I also believe that companies and management are responsible for and able to impact the energy level and passion through thoroughly anchoring and selling in the strategy and vision. Involve and allow people to take decisions and fail. My success is also a result of a lot of mistakes on my way. The only way to evolve is a combination of success and failure.” 

“How do you plan to motivate your team to go the extra mile?” We asked.

PRS – “I am like an open book and share all my ideas and visions and engage with people and involve them in the processes and decisions. I think I combine a typical Norwegian management style blended with international experience but where the hierarchical structure is more or less eliminated to fuel the engagement and people’s ability to grow and evolve through active participation in building the company together with the rest of the team and me.”

Staying Loyal Towards The Vision

“What keeps your company moving forward even during challenges?”

Per Ronny Stav said, “I have a strong drive, and I can move mountains when I believe in something. Never give up, work hard and stay loyal to the strategy and the vision that will make you succeed as long as the strategy and vision are sustainable. It’s never too late to admit a failure and adjust if you see it’s not giving results. Agility is very important also in this aspect, and use your team and adjust the direction together.

Technology-Driven Future & Its Knowledge

Currently, technology is leading the business world. We wanted to know Per Ronny Stav’ ‘s views on technology. So, we asked him, “How do you think technology is leading to business changes?”

He said, “The future will for sure be driven by technology. Technology will be more and more important and an integral part of all parts of any business. It will result in possibilities for improved efficiency, working around the clock, but also shifting people from manual work to more IT-oriented, either implementing, supporting, or managing the technology. People might be scared of their jobs due to the technology, and some people should, but new types of jobs and competencies will be required. So we need to be able to adapt and learn new things. I see a challenge for the older generation, but these challenges will have to be indoctrinated in future generations to avoid pulling people out of business too young.” 

“And do you feel it’s helping your company grow?”

“Technology is our tool and enabler for sure, but you need to understand its possibilities and limitations, don’t believe that introducing new IT solutions will solve things by itself. Approaching IT projects correctly and understanding their business drivers are vital to building a sustainable and scalable platform of solutions. One thing’s for sure. One solution will not fit all your needs. All companies have and need different systems to operate efficiently and comply. That’s why I am in the market with ONE Solution, to help define and deliver all of these solutions, fully implemented and integrated, and as ONE Solution as Service. Our customers don’t see the complexity or the different underlying solutions, as all are delivered ready to be used as ONE solution as a Service, ” says Per Ronny Stav.  

Adapting To Digitalization & Being Innovative

“How is your company adapting to digitalization?” We asked. 

PRS – “We are a technology company developing solutions to large enterprises globally, and hence we embrace technology and are forced to it to stay competitive. After 25 years in this business, I know the processes and the tools required to drive such an organization from a system and process perspective. But it’s important to always be open-minded and follow the development. There is so much innovation going on in the market. Not even the big players will ever again be the best in everything. Smaller best-in-class solutions you can integrate with your ERP systems to deliver a compelling solution are here and will be the new standard.”

“Do you use innovative ideas to be unique?”

“Definitively, I have always been ahead of my time. I started to build integrated Cloud-based ERP solutions the way it is delivered by all the big players today already 20 years ago. Unfortunately, I discovered that the technology was not advanced enough. The technology has evolved dramatically during this period, and today the entire tech platform and ecosystem are better equipped to deliver on this than back then.😊” says Per Ronny Stav.

Delivering Next-Generation UX With Digital Assistant and AI Solutions

What are the services/solutions or products offered by ONE Solution Group as par with the current industry standards? 

PRS – “In addition to our ONE Assistant, we are also offering Unit4 ERP and Bankinplay; two best-in-class solutions and core systems for any businesses of a certain size and complexity. ERP is the core engine for any company and we are very strong in delivering world-class solutions for defined verticals with Unit4 ERP as the core. We are now actively introducing this solution with global success to the market in UAE and the Middle East. 

Bankinplay is a new and innovative banking platform, allowing you to integrate all your banks and bank accounts into ONE Solution. With this we simplify all complexity related to bank interfaces and all the way to reconcile bank accounts with the underlying ERP system.  

With ONE Solution Group, we started on a new journey to deliver Next Generation User Experience by eliminating User Interface and delivering AI & Voice-driven solutions across generations of users. Many big companies today have several generations of users; users 20, 40, and 60 years old. And one thing is for sure; a 20-year-old has a different view on IT and IT systems than a 60-year-old. By ONE Assistant, we can deliver a unique platform to deliver a totally new way to all three generations of users by AI & Voice without changing the underlying business applications. We are ditching the Best Practice and creating the platform for the Next Practice, the future way of deploying and delivering User Experience to the benefit of both company and its users.”  

Lastly, we asked him to tell us something about your upcoming products or services.

PRS – “See above, but watch out for ONE Solution Group. We are entering the UAE market with our ONE Solution as Service, a new way to purchase, implement and manage complex business applications fully integrated and implemented as a service.”

Connect with Per Ronny Stav on LinkedIn.

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