7 Changes In UAE Residency Visa Everyone Should Know

UAE Residency Visa

Since October 2022, the UAE has executed several entry and residency visa system modifications. Additionally, with the long-term Golden Visa scheme’s expansion and simplifying the procedures, these reforms have submitted a new -5 year residency program known as Green Visas.

In addition to this, the visa fees have been increased, and the grace periods for exiting the country after a visa expires have also been extended. 

7 Changes In UAE Residency Visas You Need To Know

Below are seven changes about the residency that you should know.

UAE Residency Visa

1. Rules to sponsor children became easy. 

Families were relieved by this move. Sons of the residents are now permitted to sponsor till they turn 25, which is an increase in the age limit, which was 18 years. Sponsoring unmarried daughters has no age limit. 

2. Golden Visa holders can sponsor parents on a ten-year visa. 

Those with a Golden Visa can now sponsor their parents on a ten-year visa. Previously, in the long-term residency scheme, only inheritors could support parents for one year, as with regular residency holders.

3. Visa – fees increase 

There is an increase of 100-Dh to the feed charged by the Federal Authority For Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security (ICP). Emirates ID and residency visas are also subjected to the supplementary wise service fee. 

4. The validity of free zone visas decreased.

There has been a decrease in the validity period for the UAE free zone visas, which has been decreased from three to two years.

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5. More extended grace periods to exit UAE after the visa expires 

Even after the residency visa expires, a grace period of 60 to 180 days is permitted to leave the United Arab Emirates. This is an increase in the period, compared to the 30 days ago strategy. 

6. Emirates ID replaces passport visa stamps. 

Resident visa stickers on the passports have now been removed in the UAE. On the contrary, residents must show their Emirates ID as proof of residency. 

7. Permit for reentering after over six months abroad.

Residency previously was canceled because of staying outside of the UAE. However, now these residents can request a reentry permit with a precise reason. The applicant must enter the country within 30 days of the approval date. 


The above announcement highlights the seven changes made in the residency visa, which are being taken into account by the government in the UAE. 

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