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What’s the Buzz About Phygital?
What’s the Buzz About Phygital?

What’s the Buzz About Phygital? Do you know how to apply the concept of Phygital in your business? Check out this article to learn what it is, how this process works, and how to use it in your strategies.

Phygital consists of the fusion between the digital and physical world, in which it will be possible to develop new experiences of relationship and consumption. Technology has come as something that will revolutionise the way of doing business.

Phygital is a strategy that uses technological innovations to integrate the online and offline worlds. This is very important with the arrival of e-commerce.

This way, omnichannel actions have become much more efficient, and consumers and companies perceive the benefits. Knowing the tools and best practices, this strategy can be implemented and reap its benefits even though it may seem inaccessible.

Many companies already use these tools and already achieve good results. Want to know more about it? Come on!

What is Phygital, and How does this process work?

Phygital is a concept that merges the physical and digital worlds to offer the best experience for consumers and users of different technologies. By combining the offline and online universes, the concept seeks to make the purchase process more attractive for consumers and more tailored to their preferences.

The consumer journey and communication channels are being adapted to Phygital with the help of digital transformation and new technologies aimed at marketing and sales.

Also, businesses must adapt quickly to changes in the behavior of their customers and understand that the future of consumption will no longer distinguish physical from digital.

Technologies used in Phygital

Technologies are great allies so that the consumer experience is improved and the customer has the feeling that their demands are known to all those in any communication channel with the enterprise. Therefore, knowing which technological tools enable this integration in a fluid and multichannel manner is necessary. See some of them below:

  •  Internet of Things

The Internet is a way to provide technology integration between the physical and digital worlds. After all, enabling the connection between different functional electronics daily also allows a connection between them so that data and information can be shared in the cloud.

  • Augmented reality

Augmented reality information allows interfering in the real world to guide actions or even participate in meetings. QR Codes are increasingly used to provide tourists with information about specific products.

  •  Facial recognition

This solution is already widely used to facilitate certain daily activities. As a security feature in bank accounts or electronic devices, such as smartphones, this functionality is already part of the integration of the online and offline worlds.

  •  Artificial intelligence

AI’s main objective is to provide data and create behavioral patterns that help companies to understand customers’ requirements more deeply.

  •  Wearable

Wearable devices, such as smart watches and glasses, provide information to users about their behavior and health status. This solution is already widely used to indicate health information or to indicate wear and tear on certain products.

How to apply Phygital technology in your business

Due to the great success of Phygital, companies are looking for solutions to implement these technologies in their commercial strategies. Here’s what to consider when applying this strategy in business.

  • Know your audience well

An essential factor is knowing the business’s target audience well. In this way, it is possible to understand where the public prefers to consume content or make purchases.

  •  Understand the channels

Understanding the target audience makes it easier to define which channels are most suitable for talking to, attracting, and converting potential customers.

  • Use omnichannel

For Phygital to be effective, physical and online communication channels must be offered. After all, a potential customer may want to know a product in person but do prior research on social media and close the deal via the app, for example.


Therefore, understand the main solutions and how it is possible to implement this phygital technology strategy in your business without large investments but with excellent results.


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