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Abu Dhabi: Today, Abu Dhabi declared the opening of the bilateral connection of the traffic systems between the UAE and Kuwait.

Maj . Gen . Khalifa Hareb Al Khaili, the undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior, met the Kuwaiti delegation headed by Maj. Gen. Jamal Hatem Al Sayegh, assistant undersecretary for traffic operations affairs at the Ministry of Interior in Kuwait. 

This was decided in a meeting in Abu Dhabi between the two countries’ delegations. 

As per the official news agency WAM, the two countries discussed ways to improve the existing collaboration between the commission of the two countries in the policy and security field. 

During the meeting, the parties of both countries declared the completion of the linkage of the traffic systems as a part of a combined GCC project aimed at exchanging information, amalgamating the procedures, and simplifying the services provided. 

Traffic Systems

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The delegation of Kuwait briefed the Security Support Operations Room of the General Directorate of Security Support, in addition to the advanced systems that contained room for supporting decision-makers during the events and at the time of following police systems. 

This also helped in scientifically developing the work based on accurate statistics, in addition to devices that the room contained, equipment and intelligent policy systems that make an integrated system that helps sin contribute to the data provided in the sectors of the Ministry of Interior to increase the guarantee of readiness and speed of the response. 

The declaration came only after the UAE and Qatar linked their traffic systems as a part of their integrated project.

The report mentioned above gives information about the linkage of the traffic system between the UAE and Kuwait. The delegations of both countries decided in a meeting where they also discussed different procedures and services and exchanged information related to the project. 

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