UAE And It’s 1 Billion Meals Endowment Shows Humanitarian Efforts

The UAE’s Ramadan 1 Billion Meals Endowment Campaign shows incredible generosity by raising Dh247 million in just one week. As per its name, the campaign successfully distributed 1 billion meals to underprivileged people worldwide during Ramadan and beyond. 

Endowment Shows
Endowment Shows

The campaign gathered donations from 13,220 individuals, businesses, and public and private sector players, which depicts a beautiful act of kindness from the people of UAE, who are always ready to help with grace to those in need. 

The campaign also paves the way for donations which can further make a difference in promoting the culture of endowment as a traditional tool for development and investment for the future. 

The campaign launched under the supervision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is the first and the most extensive support since 2020, with 10 million meals supporting victims of Covid -19 pandemic within the UAE. 

The humanitarian efforts of the UAE are continuous throughout the year, and as a nation, its people are always ready to help people in need. 

Besides, this week, Operation Gallant Knight hit for 2 days in which 50 residents of the UAE were rescued from the disastrous earthquake in Syria and Turkey. 

The UAE also provided Latakia Civil Defence officers and local military construction corps to Syrian Civil Defence to form small trained teams with the highest search and rescue protocols standards. 

In addition, the Emirates Red Crescent (ERC) played a vital role in distributing food parcels to victims, supplying medicines to hospitals, and establishing temporary relief camps for the affected people. 

After the Turkish government declared the end of search and rescue operations, the Emirati search and rescue team was the last internationally classified team to leave for Turkey, during which they rescued 10 people and recovered 26 bodies. 

In another example, the UAE also sent 14 tonnes of relief help to Ukraine, including blankets and personal care supplies to help survive the harsh winter. It also provided US$100 million in assistance to Ukraine civilians. 

These are the stories that help us to understand the importance of humanitarian gestures, which have always been a part of Emirati tradition, and this symbolises the legacy of UAE that is personified by the actions of his successor late Khalifa, which is now continued under the leadership of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan

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