Short term rentals thriving with UAE’s Tourism

Short term rentals
Short term rentals

For the decade, Dubai has been considered one of the nations where we can have immense opportunities for tours and travel. However, post covid, after being confined in their respective homes for more than a year, many families and individuals prefer the UAE as the best destination to relax, rejuvenate their senses, and enjoy the blissful nature. 

As compared to the statistics of 2019, it is derived that Dubai attracted 183 % more tourists in the first quarter of 2022. During this period, there was an increase in the demand for Short- term Rentals. It has then become one of the most preferred accommodation styles.

Why Short Term Rentals Thriving In UAE

Short term rentals

Below are some highlighted points that are the reasons for the sudden liking towards short-term rentals. 

1. Cost-efficient

Not everyone can afford luxurious hotels for their stay. Middle-class individuals and business travelers hence preferred short-term rentals that proved budget-friendly. Not only the rental apartments proved cost-efficient, but they also were comfortable and luxurious. Though hotels offered lavish lifestyles, rented apartments gave more contentment. 

2. Easily Accessible

Most short-term rented apartments are individuals’ homes, which is why means of transportation are easily accessible. Thus it is easy for an individual to travel to the city center or any place with the proper landmark. 

3. Living The Traditions

The short-term rentals thrive on making the life of Dubai come alive, which helps an individual and tourists to understand the culture and traditions of Dubai. Hence, it is considered the most important USP of short-term rentals. 

Some more reasons make short-term rentals popular among tourists. But still, it is difficult to say whether this trend will stay for an extended period or it will vanish in the minimum course of time. 

Can Short Term Rentals Be Good For A Longer Period

To make it relevant, specific points are listed below which foresee that short-term rentals can prove to be a boon for a longer period. 

  1. Sudden and immediate short-term rental served as a boon in the tourism industry. Short-term rentals have become a trend in Dubai. Another reason for short-term rental is the Federation International de Football Association (FIFA) World Cup, which will be held in November in Qatar. There is every possibility that the rates of the rented apartments will be high during this period. As a result, short-term rentals will prove the best option for middle-class individuals and families. 
  2. Introducing many reforms across Dubai is another factor that will boost short-term rentals and help them to thrive. For instance, Sharjah has launched its” Holiday Home Project,” and thus, residents can rent their apartments to tourists and visitors under this project. 
  3. Dubai is also thriving to attract more people through various reforms. It is issuing multiple visas like remote work visas and tourist visas to attract visitors and tourists. 
  4. Customer preference is also one factor supporting the growing importance of short-term rentals. Customers nowadays are more interested in the environment, their experience during their stay, competitive discounts, and a comfortable environment that will make their stay a blissful experience. 


Short-term rentals are thriving as Dubai’s tourism has gained and has become a prevalent factor. Living in hotels and private houses is luxurious, and they are not pocket friendly. Living in Dubai can prove costly, and in addition to that, the travel expenses can also be more, so to avoid these things, short-term rentals are the best option. 

Marking its economy, Dubai also benefits by issuing multiple visas like tourist and work visas. Uplifting the short-term rentals program, Dubai thrives on making short-term rentals a source that can attract and woo more individuals to settle and work in Dubai. 

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