The One-Stop-Shop Solution With Tachyon: Abdulrahman Ijaabo

Meet Abdulrahman Ijaabo, the Co-Founder & CEO of Tachyon

Abdulrahman Ijaabo is the Co-Founder and CEO of Tachyon, a digital cloud-based platform that aids users in efficiently managing their transportation and logistics operations. He is an expert and supply chain professional with experience working in logistics and supply chains throughout different industries. Tachyon has expertise in providing secure and agile services, which is also their priority!

The Major Idea Behind This Journey

What’s the idea behind Your Company?”


Abdulrahman shared, “The main Idea is to provide a convenient one-stop shop technology-based solution that ticks all the boxes for the stakeholders in the logistics industry, whether shippers, transporters, brokers & drivers.”

“How did you begin your career journey? Do you have some advice for beginners?”

Abdulrahman replied, “Starting my career with Aramex, I spent 13 years in the corporate world before I moved on to co-found Tachyon with my confounding team.”

“My advice for beginners is patience. Things take time to mature as well as careers. Don’t be hasty jumping from one company to another. There is no perfect job. Most importantly, love what you do and make passion your drive. Everything else becomes secondary,” he further added.

Goals For The Company

What’s the goal of Your Company?”

Digitize the logistics processes. As it is well known, the logistics industry globally and especially in our region is highly fragmented and not fully digitized.” Abdulrahman replied.

Significance Of Teamwork In The Company’s Success

How important are employees’ energy levels to your Company’s success?”

He replied, “Employees are the essence of any company. For startups, it is even more important. We try to deploy a thorough hiring process that helps us attract top talent with the right mindset that is aligned with ours.”

“For me, referrals are the best way to hire people, so my advice to all job seekers is to keep networking. Because CVs alone don’t show energy.”, he added.

“How do you plan to motivate your team to go the extra mile?”

Abdulrahman shared, “Highlighting what is in it for them, everyone is different, so it is also important to understand that people are different and need to be motivated differently.”

Moving Ahead With Challenges

“What keeps Your Company moving forward even during challenges?”

He replied, “We believe in the purpose. This gives us a great positive magnitude to keep moving forward. We experienced that a couple of times. The fact that we started developing our Technology in Covid says a lot about our resilience and dealing with dark times.”

Digitalization And Ideas For Staying Unique

How do you think Technology is leading to changes in businesses? Do you feel it’s helping Your Company grow?”

Abdulrahman shared, “Technology is the future. A study shows that if your business is not digital in the next ten years, nobody will use it, let alone other benefits companies get from Technology.”

“The logistics technology (Logitech) is still in its early days. If we compare it to industries like health or finance, it’s still falling behind. This is great for us as we are filling a gap.”, he added.

“How is Your Company adapting to digitalization?”

Abdulrahman shared, “We offer digital solutions, so Technology is in our DNA. We have built a highly integratable platform that can be integrated with multiple systems & platforms.”

Do you use innovative ideas to be unique?”

We keep innovating, trying things differently, taking users’ feedback but taking nothing for granted and keep on A/B testing to land on the most convenient solution. We have pivoted a lot in our platform’  modules because we are agile, and it’s easier for us to pivot & innovate.”, he replied.

Upcoming Services Of The Brand

We were intrigued to learn about the upcoming services of this company. We asked, “What are the services/solutions or products offered by Your Company on par with the current industry standards? Tell us something about your upcoming products or services?”

He replied, “Currently, we offer transportation & Clearance as an aggregated service. We aggregate all service providers and give users access to 10,000+ trucks and fixed yearly pricing.”

“We also offer a SaaS solution for logistics companies that is fully digital to easily manage their operation & financial transactions, including mobile driver applications for drivers to improve traceability. Additionally, the ability to benefit from integrating with the Saudi transport Ministry platform (Bayan).”

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