Dubai: New Trains Being Tested On The Etihad Rail

Etihad Rail
Etihad Rail

Zamaqshari Zubair, a resident of Nshama townhouse in Dubai’s Al Qudra area, has captured the rest runs of the new trains in the tracks of the Etihad Rail. He stated, “For the past two to three years, I have seen the new trains on the track, and it looks amazing.”

Etihad Rail

Zuber said, ‘He thought it was a passenger train.’ However, Etihad Rail explained that it was a freight train. As a resident, it made him believe it was a passenger train, as the wagons were closed. 

Residents around the Al Qudra area, where Etihad rail tracks run through Dubai, have witnessed the ways advancing. Also, the test runs were conducted regularly. These include those staying in Remraam, Mira, Mudon, and Town Square communities. 

Fouad Ashraf, a resident of Arabella in Mudon, said, ” I was able to recognize that it was a train because I am used to listening to the sounds of trains in India, and it feels very nostalgic. When I was home, I always heard the sounds of trains while living in my college hostel. Since then, I have heard them regularly, particularly in the morning at 

  1. 30am”.

A futuristic and glistening passenger train was first displayed at the 51st National Day celebrations in Abu Dhabi. During the epic celebration in Abu Dhabi in December last year, the audience waved and cheered as the prototype of the passenger train arrived.

The rail operator also shared a video on Twitter, showing a train moving on the railway track.

The 1200-kilometer-long Etihad Rail project will unite the seven emirates and 11 major cities, starting from UAE’s border with Saudi Arabia up to the country’s border with Oman. When it is complete, it is anticipated to revolutionize travel in the country. Last year, the linking of Abu Dhabi and Dubai through a 256 km railway line was completed, and the residents around the new Dubai area have observed the network progresses. 

The passenger train will reduce its commuting time by 30-40 percent with the travel times from Abu Dhabi to Dubai when it begins and is expected to take 50 minutes from Dubai to Fujairah. 

A top official of Etihad Rail said that the railways would be integrated with all miles of transport so that the passengers can get a “door-to-door” service to ensure they reach their final destination with utmost comfort. 


The above report informs about the train being tested on Etihad Rail tracks which will run through Dubai. 

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