Miss World 2023 Will Be Held In UAE


Miss World 2023: It was declared on Monday that Miss World would be held in the UAE for the first time. After Nepal-born British Businessman Deependra Gurung became the company’s new owner, this would be the first invasion into the Middle East and will be held for the first time.

Chairperson of Miss World organization, Julia Morley declared on Instagram that “She is ‘delighted’ on the decision to host the 71st beauty pageant in the Emirates.”

The last pageant was held in Puerto Rico in March last year, where Miss World 2021 was Polish beauty queen Karolina Bielawska; runners up were Miss USA Shree Saini and Olivia Yace of Ivory Coast, who was the favorite to win. 

However, the competition had been postponed from December due to the outbreak of Covid-19 among the contestants and crew. 

Contestants from 98 countries participated in the MissWorld 2021, including the first hijabi candidate Khadija Omar of Somalia. 

To enter the contest, contestants should be between the age limit of 17 and 27, unmarried and childless, and must be residents of the country they represent.

The UAE still has to enter a delegate in the competition. However, it had participated before in the Mrs. World pageant, in which Debanjali Kamstra became the first Mrs. UAE World beauty queen in 2021.

The Mrs. World Pageant was established in 1984 and has happened worldwide, from India and Russia to South Africa and South Korea.

The new holder was crowned last year in a glamorous and elegant ceremony on December 17 at an extravagant event in Las Vegas, which was telecasted worldwide. Though Pamela Serena represented the UAE, she did not make it to the final rounds. 

The contest winner was a teacher and a model from Mumbai named Sargam Koushal, who won after beating 63 contestants for this fancy title.


The report mentioned above describes the Miss World Pageant and talks about the pageant, which is about to be held in the UAE. 

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