Journey Of Democratizing Web3 – Nadia Toughrani, Founder of

Nadia Toughrani, Founder of
Nadia Toughrani, Founder of

Get an insight through our interview on how Nadia jumped right into the field of Web 3 through, a company that focuses on democratizing Web 3! This week, we connected with Nadia Toughrani, the Founder of, as we were curious to know how her company works and how she started this journey.

Joining In The Path Of Technological Advancement

To begin with, we asked her about the idea behind

“What’s the idea behind Your Company?”

“At, we focus on democratizing Web3: write, educate and onboard people, governments, students and brands in this incredible evolution of the internet.

Web 3.0 technology will likely play a critical role in the coming years. Cryptocurrency transactions could become a mainstream affair in less than two years. Further, NFTs and Metaverse have already become buzzwords.” says Nadia.

Her answer seemed so interesting that we couldn’t wait to ask, “How did you begin your career journey?”

She said, “Business has been changing a lot, and I like to stay ahead with the trends. In Web3, we say “DYOR’ Do Your Own Research”, so I did my homework and read for 10 hours a day about Web3.  

I started buying NFTs and understood the utility of smart contracts behind them. Homes, leases, sports tickets, I cannot imagine every ticket being an NFT within the 10 coming years. Once I realized the potential, I just jumped in!”

“What’s your goal through” We asked Nadia.

She says, “Habibi, come to Web3! We’re aligned with Dubai Metaverse Strategy. Dubai is already home to over 1,000 companies in the Metaverse and blockchain sectors. As the city attracts new players, the sector’s current contribution of $500 million to the UAE’s economy is estimated to increase significantly.

The Dubai Metaverse Strategy aims to support more than 40,000 virtual jobs by 2030 and add $4 billion to Dubai’s economy in five years.

We want to educate everyone, from enterprises to minorities, on what’s next in the culture. In addition, we help people get in on the crypto and NFT boom.”

She further continues, “Zooming on Minorities and especially on Women, out of 121 of the world’s leading crypto companies, only five included a woman founder. That’s 4.13%. We want to close this gap. We help women onboard into web3. Aspiring entrepreneurs need a safe and supportive space to take a seed of an idea to launch.”

Team’s Success Driven By Self Awareness

Nadia has a different approach to the concept of teams and their success.

We asked her, “What makes the team successful, in your opinion?”

She shared, “You can’t have high-performing teams without self-awareness and compassion. Having studied human sciences, I am always trying to leverage each other’s strengths, increase productivity, and improve culture through empathy and understanding for an ROI to come into play.”

As a result, we can see that she believes in self-awareness and thinks positively about teamwork. But how about motivating her team? When we asked her about how she motivates her team, Nadia said:

“My team is made of creators. In the current or ‘Web2’, the creator economy is powered by a set of interactive digital platforms like FaceBook, Google, Netflix, etc. We sometimes refer to those platforms as “Intermediaries” and “Middlemen”. Web3 is a total revolution and aims to enable creators to build their own independent open economy where they can co-own it with their fans and directly monetize it without any third party.”

Innovation & Approach Towards Web 3

Nadia says, “We focus on connecting with the digital world during our workshops. Using Web3 technologies, we help brands design new and innovative experiences and ownership that were not possible before.”

Upon hearing this, we also asked her to share something about the services of With that, she gave us a brief about it.

Nadia Toughrani On’s Services

  • Web3-related content: from articles to NFT storytelling
  • Web3 Education and Onboarding :
    • For brands and Governments :
      • Understand the basics of Web3
      • Enter Web3 as a Brand
      • Build a Community
    • For GenZ :
      • Educate and safely involve kids in the Metaverse
      • Explaining the Blockchain
      • Web3 opportunities for high school and College student
    • For Minorities :
      • Understand the basics of Web3
      • Buy your first NFT and first crypto

Lastly, we asked her, “Would you like to say anything else to our viewers?”

“DYOR: Do Your Own Research! Look at how Web3 will impact your daily life and business, and enter Web3. BE EARLY!” says Nadia Toghrani, the Founder of

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