Dubai To Build World’s First 3D Mosque By 2025

Design of 3D Mosque In Dubai

Dubai is planning to build the first 3D mosque in the world, which will be ready by 2025. As per the reports, the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department of Dubai declared the commencement of 2,000 square meter mosque in 

Bur Dubai (the oldest neighborhood in Dubai) will be in October, and once completed, it will accommodate around 600 worshippers.

The director of an engineering department in IACAD, Ali Al – Suwaidi, said in a press conference, ” As this is the first kind of 3D mosque in the world, the cost of building is 30 percent higher than that of building it in a normal way.”

He added,” we anticipate that the cost will be similar to that of 30 years building guarantee in the future”. 

As per IACAD, ” it will take four months to complete the 3D printing structure of the building and additional twelve months to fully fit in with appropriate facilities”.

It also added that ” three workers will function in the 3D robotic printer, which will print two square meters an hour.”

A combination of carefully prepared concrete and raw materials will be used to build the mosque.

As per Al Shaibani, director of engineering vision in IACAD, the 3D building technology will make it more sustainable. He added, ” Using 3D printing will reduce the waste of construction materials, which will prove environmentally friendly, depicting our wise leadership “.

Dubai 3D Printing Strategy 

Building a 3D mosque using 3D printing technology keeps intact the ambition of Dubai to become a leading center for technology by 2030. 

The ‘Dubai 3D Printing Strategy ‘ initiative was started in 2016 by His Highness Sheikhihmed bin Rashid Al Maktoum to make the city an essential junction for technology.

Al Maktoum then issued an order to use 3D printing in the construction industry to secure that 25 percent of all the buildings in Dubai will be 3D printed. 

This action has inspired many manufacturers of building technology around the world to send their products to Dubai and use them to construct their trial structures. 

The UAE has seen the commencing of concrete 3D printing facilities, including 3D Vinci Creations, ACCIONA, and Freyssinet subsidiary Cincreative after Immensa Technology Labs took a 3D printing patent in the construction field in 2018. 

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3D Mosque

The project will engage the use of a ” robotic 3D printer” that will allow three people to deposit materials at the rate of two square meters per hour.

To attain final clearance for its design, the IACAD is currently operating with the local Dubai Municipality officials. The main aim is to open the facility and allow the worshippers within the next two years. 


The above report gives precise information about the 3D mosque in Dubai. It is anticipated to take two years to complete the 3D facilities. It will be the first 3D mosque to be built in the world, costing around 30 percent more than the cost incurred in the usual way. It will state that it will keep Dubai’s main aim, attaining a sustainable development economy till 2030.  

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