Abu Dhabi Police Urges Drivers to Keep Fast Lanes Free and Avoid Penalties

Abu Dhabi Police
Abu Dhabi Police

In the UAE, police authorities have asked slow drivers to move out of the fast lane on the roads. Usually, motorists use the left lane on a highway for driving at the highest permissible limit on the road. 

Abu Dhabi Police advised the rule with a vehicle on the road with a speed limit of 140 mph through an animated video posted on their social media channels. The police said in the awareness video, ” Do not drive slowly in the left lane; keep on the right lane when moving slowly and give way to vehicles coming from behind. “

Why you must keep fast lanes free

According to the force, the Dubai Police had earlier explained that the fast lanes should be kept free unless you overtake another vehicle, as its use is limited to overtaking and emergency vehicles. 

The Dubai Police also advised to ” always drive on the right side to ensure smooth traffic on the highway. “

Also, the Awareness group Road Safety UAE advised motorists on highways to” keep to the right and allow faster cars to use the lanes.”

Abu Dhabi Police

Rules, fines, and penalties explained: 

Failure to give way to faster vehicles:

As per Dubai, Policemotoristsrists are required to give way to father vehicles on the leftmost lane even if they are “driving within the speed limit.” A fine of Dh400 is levied if there is a failure to give way to the vehicles coming from behind.

Refusing to give way or priority to emergency vehicles, ambulances, police cars, or official conveys: 

If these are not being given way, a fine of Dh1,000 is issued with six negative traffic points. 

Motorists looking to overtake legally on the left lane could not tailgate:

Failure to maintain a sufficient distance from the vehicle in front is punishable by a fine of Dh 400 with four negative traffic points.

Wrong overtaking:

In the UAE, it is illegal to overtake from the right, as wrong overtaking is a punishable offense with a fine of Dh600 and six negative traffic points.

Overtaking from the road shoulder:

Motorists looking to overtake a slower vehicle on the last lane should not use the road shoulder to go ahead, as this is a severe offense that causes a fine of Dh 1,000 with six-negative points. 

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