Delivering Authentic Sports Memories With Sportsic Memorabilia — AbuMohammed Khundmiri

AbuMohammed Khundmiri, Founder of Sportsic Memorabilia

We learned about AbuMohammed Khundmiri, the Founder of Sportsic Memorabilia. The company provides authentic memorabilia related to sports. We loved this unique idea and decided to interview AbuMohammed Khundmiri. Let’s see what we learned from him below.

The Basic Idea

Sportsic Memorabilia Logo

“What’s the idea behind Your Company?”

“The idea behind my company is to cater to the real memorabilia fantasies of the fanbase of different sports. Owning authentic signage is a feeling and matter of prestige for most; Sportsic makes it possible,” says AbuMohammed

We also got curious about his career journey, so we asked, “How did you begin your career journey? Do you have some advice for beginners?”

“It’s been a hard-fought journey, I should say, but overall it’s a great learning process. I started with sales external in Dubai duty-free from 2014 to 2019 and worked in Liverpool FC as a store manager until June 22. The advice for youngsters is very simple: believe in yourself.” he shares.

Importance of Teamwork

We believe that teamwork is a crucial aspect of every business. When talking about teamwork, AbuMohammed says, “We don’t mention a leader or boss title, and we are going with the team spirit is essential, everyone needs to be headed in the same direction which is growth.”

While continuing on this, we also asked, “How important are employees’ energy levels to your Company’s success?”

With this, he says, “Every individual energy level is 100% what makes any plan achievable. The enthusiasm of giving the best customer services and authentic products is a booster.”

For every team member to be energetic, it’s crucial to provide motivation. When we asked how AbuMohammed provides motivation to his team, he says:

“Understanding every individual’s motivational and mental requirements and Catering to their grievances is something where most companies and businesses lose out. A pinch of personal connection, along with all other factors, is mandatory. What’s an aircraft without its wingmen?”

Challenges & Technology – Adapting to both

“What keeps Your Company moving forward even during challenges?” We asked. 

“I and everybody in my team take every challenge as a stepping stone and turn them into opportunities. Staying optimistic is the utmost important step during such times.

How do you think technology is leading to changes in businesses? Do you feel it’s helping Your Company grow?

Tech in today’s era is a support system for any business. It binds all the operations together, from manufacturing to marketing the product. It is a constant effort to come up with revolutionary tech to curb hurdles.

For Sportsic, since we deal in online and mainland modes of business, we rely majorly on updated tech equipment, software, and relevant updates. We are constantly improvising on our Digital aid to expand our reach to potential clientele and create brand awareness.” AbuMohammed.

We further continued, “How is Your Company adapting to digitalization?”

“Especially in the digital village that the whole globe has turned into, if you aren’t creative and extravagant, you’re probably a prawn in the ocean. Innovation and exclusivity have been our forte.” He replied.

Lastly, when we asked him to share something about his services, AbuMohammed concluded, “We offer authentic sports memorabilia from all categories of sports. Besides that, we deal in uniform manufacturing products for locally available clientele.”

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