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Marish Shah, The Founder of DonGamers

The gaming industry is booming nowadays, and more and more gamers look forward to gaming platforms. We heard about DonGamers, a leading gambling-free gaming platform with the vision to connect gamers worldwide. To know more about it, we interviewed Marish Shah, the Founder of DonGamers. 

Entering The Gaming Industry

What is the idea behind the company? We asked Marish 

He said, “The gaming world is evolving forever, and it has attracted significant competition with astonishing value worldwide. The recent trend highlights the world of gaming is not only prospecting, but it has gone beyond the conventional gaming sector to mark its presence in the front-blooming niche with expansion worth $321 billion by 2026. Asia alone holds $500 million worth of value. 

As per the statistics, it is safe to consider that it is one of the most booming sectors in the business circle at present.”

Marish also quotes, “The gaming industry has a compelling urge in tech industries that cultivate and nourish a culture, entertainment, and technological advancement. From PC & console to smartphone games, the industry itself drives innovation from big TVs to smartphone screens of 4 billion people across the countries.” 

The idealization of entering in the gaming sector here is simple: to create a space where gamers collaborate and benefit from entertainment and technological culture. 

How did the company start? 

During our interview, Marish shared with us how his company started.

He says, “The 2020 Pandemic was the force to reckon with. It has opened opportunities and a gap for many entrepreneurs. 


The popularity of the games emerged during the pandemic when people wanted to escape the boredom of lockdown but also to maintain social connections. Everywhere around, I observed that people were finding ways to keep themselves busy and entertained. The isolation and not socialization with people put them in depressing circumstances. It was this lockdown situation that pushed the gaming forte, and the idea behind DonGamers emerged. To create gaming as a form of social platform where connecting with people across the world is easy through games and at the same time create a digital space where people are entertained and getting benefits from it.”

Starting is one thing, what about the services? Hence, to know what exactly DonGamers do, we asked Marish, “What services/products does DonGamers offer? 

He replied, “As the gaming industry worldwide is going through a transition in ensuring entertainment and exceptional business leads, between all the competitions, DonGamers has risen as a mobile e-sport social and gaming platform that is connecting and empowering gamers across the globe through its single and multiplayer games. As a mobile e-sport company, it is designed to unite all gamers on one platform by converging them, empowering them on reward-based features, and bridging the gap between investing their time in games and normalizing gaming as a career. As gamers found the opportunity to enhance their skills on gambling-free apps, DonGamers allowed the expansion of the gaming field beyond the stereotypical isolation and unsocialized activity to passive connectivity.” 

Gaming As a Proper Career Path

Everyone has a different approach to choose a career and a goal. When we asked Marish about his goals, he continued:

“Usually, companies are driven by success goals, and it is opening immense technological solutions and innovative spaces. However, the motive of DonGamers is not to attain immense overnight success. DonGamers’ vision is evident in this perspective: to be a leading company that vests forwarding gaming as a proper career. Over the recent years, the gaming industry has flourished with billions of players, and having said that. The gaming industry marked a viable career choice among enthusiastic gamers.

Long gone are the days when games were a source to escape from reality, but now practicing and honing skills has become an occupational motivating force. At DonGamers, we strive to make an ordinary gamer an exceptional player through adequate space and building to thrive for gaming among the younger generation. Eventually, the gaming world, with the help of extraordinary players, would create gaming celebrities to influence and motivate gaming careers further.” 

Persistence & Teamwork

We also wanted to know how Marish, as an inspirational leader, continues to tackle challenges in his business path. So, we asked him, “What keeps your company moving forward even during the challenges?”

“Persistence. Persistence is a sign of being ambitious, and it is the only thing that allows businesses to strive forward. You will fall if you stand still and let the challenges take over you. 

Your competitors are just standing behind you to take over your lead and achievement. So, a company needs to stay persistent in its efforts. The whole process allows a company to gain experience and evaluate where things go wrong. Sooner or later, the results of those efforts would be visible to the people. But staying persistent is the key to success.” continues Marish Shah. 

Lastly, we asked Marish about how he motivates his team.

In any business, the key team is the main source of success. The company stands on the shoulders of key people, and thus it is crucial to empower them and allow them to take the lead. I believe that unless and until you empower your team to take the lead and allow them to become leaders, it is impossible for a business to strive forward.”

He further elaborated his opinion that, 

“Leadership comes in many forms, but taking accountability and decision aligned with the business vision and mission is one thing that makes an ideal team. Thus, allowing individuals to lead in their department and area motivates them to strive for better results.” 

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