UAE Ministry of Economy to Suspend E-Services Temporarily for System Upgrades

UAE Ministry
UAE Ministry

The UAE Ministry of Economy has announced that it will temporarily suspend its electronic services (e-services) on Thursday, March 11, 2023. The suspension is expected to last for 24 hours, from 8:00 AM to 8:00 AM the following day.

According to the Ministry, the temporary suspension is part of its ongoing efforts to upgrade and enhance its e-services infrastructure. The Ministry has stated that it will use this time to carry out necessary maintenance and updates to its systems, which will help to improve the quality and reliability of its e-services.

During the temporary suspension, customers will not be able to access the Ministry’s e-services, including its online portals, mobile applications, and other digital channels. The Ministry has advised its customers to plan ahead and complete any urgent transactions or requests before the temporary suspension begins.

The Ministry has also assured its customers that it is working to minimize the impact of the temporary suspension on their operations and to ensure that normal service is resumed as quickly as possible. The Ministry has apologized for any inconvenience that the temporary suspension may cause and has thanked its customers for their understanding and cooperation.

The temporary suspension of e-services is part of the Ministry’s broader strategy to digitize its services and to provide a more seamless and efficient experience for its customers. The Ministry has been investing heavily in its e-services infrastructure in recent years, and the temporary suspension is a necessary step in this ongoing process.

In conclusion, the temporary suspension of e-services by the UAE Ministry of Economy is aimed at upgrading and improving the quality and reliability of its digital services. The Ministry has assured its customers that normal service will be resumed as soon as possible and has advised them to plan ahead and complete any urgent transactions or requests before the suspension begins.

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