Providing Environmental Improving Solutions With Savanna Charge Net Zero – Brian Vibenholt

Brian Vibenholt, Co-Founder & CTO of Savanna Charge Net Zero

Savanna Charge Net Zero: Brian Vibenholt is the CTO and Co-Founder of Savanna Charge Net Zero. It’s a consultancy providing high-technology solutions, especially regarding EV charging stations. Brian is a professional consultant and a leading entrepreneur in Kuwait who also owns Vibenholt Consultancy.

This interview grasps the idea behind Savanna Charge Net Zero and the business pathway of Brian Vibenholt. Let’s get to it.

Turning Circumstances Into Opportunities

“What’s the idea behind Your Company?” We asked Brian.

He said, “The idea and our purpose for Savanna Charge Net Zero being in business are to provide environmental solutions, both as consultancy and high technology solutions, in Kenya. The focus is to provide a nationwide charging station for Electrical Vehicles. Our charging stations are fed state-of-the-art Hydrogen batteries and Solar PV car park roofs. Besides this, we are also engaged in the carbon credit market.” 

This seems pretty interesting. This also got us curious to know more about Brian’s career journey, so we asked him, “How did you begin your career journey?”

“My career has been characterized by turning circumstances into opportunities. As a business consultant, I have guided and advised newcomers and SMEs through practical and legislative challenges in the first years until they were well established. For Savanna Charge Net Zero, I am co-owner, using my 40 years of experience to establish the company to be a factor in the environmental solution provider.” he shares.

When we asked him to share some advice for beginners, Brian replied:

“I will say that; a clear purpose of the company, a clear message of what we expect of each employee and get a clear agreement of what needs to be done; in one single word, ‘Clarity.’” 

Goal-Driven Path With Teamwork

What’s the goal of your company? We asked.

Savanna Charge Net Zero Logo

“Our primary goal is to provide 75 % of a nationwide charging station for Electrical Vehicles, secondary to providing high technology solutions like water treatment solutions.” continues Brian.

We also asked Brian about his views on what makes the team successful.

He replies, “Success comes when the team is fully aware of what is expected of the team, and as well as each team member, management is to clear any obstacles for the team in order for the team to deliver.”

How important are employees’ energy levels to the success of your company?

“The team can only deliver as good as the chain’s weakest link. A team delivers the best when we are all lifting together. If one in a team of ten is only delivering at 90%, the team is 1% down. When you work on a million-dollar project, you just lose $10,000, as a minimum. 

Often, there is a synergic effect going in the negative direction. Keep your team motivated.” shares Brian.

We also asked him, “How do you plan to motivate your team to go the extra mile?”

He says, “Simple, keep on making the single team member and employee valuable, listening to them and then removing the obstacles for them.”

Having A Clear Path Driven By Technology

What keeps your company moving forward even during challenges? We asked.

He says, “Give a clear direction, remind us of what is expected of us, and then listen to their proposals for meeting the challenges we face.”

When we asked Brian about his views on technology and if it’s helping his business, he replied:

“Technology is our core business, and we are in business to be upfront on the new technology which can mitigate the climate change crisis. In the future, combat climate change mitigation financing will be based on registration using the application as blockchains. To deliver integrity in GHG emission credit, every single step, from the mitigation activity project to the GHG emission credit period’s expiration, must be registered, traceable, and publicly available. This requires a solid data system.”  

How is your company adapting to digitalization?

As I just explained, it is a part of our DNA,” says Brian. 

We also asked him if he uses innovative ideas to be unique.

With that, he said, “In our daily work, brainstorming is a tool, not only our own ideas, but we are constantly searching for the newest solutions we can offer to our clients.”

Leading In The Environmental Improving Industry 

We asked him, “What are the services/solutions or products offered by Your Company on par with the current industry standards? Tell us something about your upcoming products or services.”

He continues, “Savanna Charge Net Zero is a new company focusing on providing a nationwide charging station for Electric Vehicles. We boost this in cooperation with Electrical Vehicle producers in Kenya and keep it local. Savanna is the latest small company that was founded as the result of 6 years of business consultancy, mainly in the environmental improvement industry. At Vibenholt Consultancy, we have provided a solution for wastewater treatment, energy conservation, and solid waste management.

Based on the new and upcoming GHG emission credit market regulation, we have prepared to lead as a consultant in the Voluntary Carbon Credit Market. Buying and selling GHG emission credits.”

Lastly, we also asked Brian if he would like to say anything else to our viewers.

He continues, “As a new entrepreneur, it will always be difficult to get funds and get others to invest in your ideas. Therefore, you must believe in yourself and base the first months of hard work on yourself. If you do, you will discover that there is a lot you can do ‘for free.’ The cost is your hard work and your time. Vibenholt Consultancy is connected to the finance market, but what you can do with your bare hands is yours forever. ”  

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