Enjoy Ripe By The Bay Dubai, A Spectacular Night Market


Ripe By The Bay Dubai is a spectacular night market by Ripe. It’s the first-ever night edition of the popular Ripe Market in Dubai. The market is filled with fun and entertaining activities that you ought to love. It’s the perfect way to spend your time after a long working day. 

Every night of the week, you will find different types of businesses showcasing their specialties, from entertaining activities to delicious food. You can wander through the park and enjoy the warm community spirit of the market. It’s the perfect place to hang out, especially when you are looking for a shopping option along with some fun activities.

Things You Do At The Ripe By The Bay Dubai Night Market

Night Market Dubai

You can do several things at the Ripe By The Bay night market, from shopping to eating. 

Loads of Shopping

Shopping at Ripe By The Bay

Ripe market supports more than 100s local businesses who sell in the market. You can find fresh and organic merchandise produced by talented local artisans. You can look through various leather handbags, organic skincare products, fashion items, rustic homeware, homemade jewelry, art, and even toys for children in the market. It’s [a perfect way to spend family time where you and your kids will have fun.

Spectacular Laser and Projection Show

IMAGINE Laser and Projection Show

In addition to the shopping experience, the Ripe By The Bay night market also enables you to witness a spectacular show. You can watch the IMAGINE show and enjoy the view of the laser and projection show.

Live Music

Live Music

While dining, shopping, and exploring the beautiful market in Dubai, you can listen to the local music from homegrown singers, musicians, singers, and performers in the UAE. You can now have a relaxing backdrop for your night shopping adventures here in the Ripe by The Bay Dubai night market. 

Take part in fun activities.

Fun Activities

The Ripe By The Bay Dubai night market isn’t limited to shopping and eating. It also enables you to take part in fun activities daily. From food festivals and kid’s magicians to comedy nights and family quiz nights, Ripe by the Bay offers a plethora of fun-filled activities to take part in daily. 

Enjoying the view

Beautiful View of Ripe By The Bay Market

You can simply enjoy the beautiful view of the  Ripe by the Bay Dubai as it offers a beautiful scenic sunset view and lush greenery, which can help you relax after a long working day.

Eat delicious food

Food Sections

At the Dubai Festival City Mall, the Ripe by the Bay provides a beautiful experience for the visitors. There are more than 100s of food and shopping options. The delicious food made by local merchants will get your taste buds mingling with a lovely sensation. 

Ripe By The Bay Dubai Location

Ripe By The Bay Dubai has been welcoming many visitors over the past few months. People are experiencing the excellent night market and joining the daily activities for added fun. It’s the first-ever night version of the popular Ripe Market in Dubai.

The Alfresco dining, live music and entertainment, fun-filled activities, and shopping continues to go on. The relaxing environment is set in the Dubai Festival City Mall across the spacious iconic waterfront area of the Festival Bay.

The market provides a one-of-a-kind experience that lights up at night and offers lush green scenery in the daytime. Ripe By The Bay started in October 2021 and still continues. You can enjoy the market until the end of May 2022 between 4 pm and 10 pm at the Iconic Festival Bay. 

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