10 Leading Real Estate Agencies In UAE That Ruled 2022


UAE is becoming a tropical paradise, and long gone are days when it was only a vast desert. Over a few years, UAE has transformed itself into one of the most well-known business and tourism hubs across the globe. This has led to the enhanced popularity of real estate in the country.

The boom of the UAE has intrigued the interests of a large number of individuals across the globe, including tourists, entrepreneurs, and individuals for the purpose of residence and business. As a result, they need special help to find the most suitable match in terms of properties. 

We have come across some of the leading real estate agencies of 2022 that can help individuals get the best out of their property-finding experiences in the UAE. These agencies have been successful in finding the ideal properties for people, whether for residential, business or investment purposes. Let’s get into the details right away.

Leading Real Estate Agencies in UAE That Ruled Over 2022

#1. fäm Properties


fäm Properties commenced in 2008, is one of the largest real estate agencies in Dubai. They are a tech-driven real estate agency focusing on offering innovative solutions based on integrity and solid market fundamentals. They have over AED 1.8 Billion of annual revenues in excess, which makes them one of the leading real estate agencies in UAE in this regard. 

Fäm is a client-oriented agency that has its own proprietary Oracle-based technology helping it stand out from the crowd. They provide guidance to landlords, investors and tenants with real-time insights. In their portal, individuals can look for properties for rent or buying. They have a wide variety of options, including plots, townhouses, offices, apartments, villas and furnished properties. 

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Email: [email protected]  

#2. Better Homes


Another well-known real estate developer in the UAE is Better Homes. They are based in Dubai and spread across different GCC locations. They manage one of the largest portfolios in the UAE. Better Homes started back in 1986 and has been growing ever since then. It gained its presence digitally in 2001 and has been upgrading the website ever since for a seamless user experience. 

Better Homes specialize in properties for both residential and business purposes. Individuals can look for sales, listings, and rentals on their platform. In addition, they also provide off-plan buying, property handling & management services. They have a total of 5 offices spread across Dubai, where they guide their clients.

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Contact: +971600522233  

#3. D&B Properties


Looking for a real estate agency that focuses on the off-plan property along with other features? If so, then D&B properties are an incredible choice. They have over 7 years of experience in the industry and are acquainted with helping individuals with buying and renting properties in Dubai along with off-plan properties. In their portal, people can look for properties for rent and sale, whether for residential or commercial purposes. Their search option also includes choosing the property type, including apartment, duplex, hotel apartment, penthouse, villa or townhouse. 

They have a professional team who are client-centric and provides valuable services. Previously, D&B Properties even won the 2020 Emaart Brokers Award and other awards. 

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Email: [email protected]

#4. Provident Real Estate


Provident Real Estate is a leading real estate brokerage in the UAE. They focus on transparency, trust, and honesty when it comes to communication with tenants, buyers and investors. Provident Real Estate is certified by Dubai Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA), which adds to its credibility. They assist with buying and renting properties, off-plan properties, property listing, and property management. 

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#5. Haus & Haus Real Estate Broker


Haus & Haus is one of the top leading real estate agencies in UAE and has received several honours for their work and even received the Gold Trusted Service Award. They provide solutions for sales, leasing, property maintenance and handling, and valuation services. They enable clients to get properties for sale or rent without hassle through their portal. With a customer-centric approach, Haus & Haus also provides robust property management services. They believe in trust, transparency and communication with customers.

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Contact: +971 4 302 5800

#6. Driven Properties


Driven Properties is a well-known real estate agency in Dubai. The agency started back in 2012. They focus on investment, poverty handling, investment, property management, short-term rentals & mortgage consulting services, and real estate. They are a popular real estate brokerage service in Dubai that also won the Bayut Agency of the Month Award. 

They offer thoroughly researched options when it comes to buying or renting properties in Dubai. In addition, they include popular areas that are secure as well, which enhances the chances of getting the best options.

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Contact: +97144297040 

#7. DAMAC Properties


DAMAC Properties is one of the best real estate agencies in UAE, with a rich and diverse property portfolio. They come up with innovative ideas to enhance their services across the Middle East. They have years of experience in the luxury real estate market. They have built their reputation through their exceptional property options across the UAE, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, the UK, Oman, and Lebanon. DAMAC Properties is one of the largest leisure, residential and commercial developers in UAE and the Middle East, with a portfolio of over 35,000 units. 

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Contact: +97145205400

#8. Hamptons International

One of the oldest and most prestigious real estate agencies across the globe is Hamptons International. Although the real estate firm originated in the UK, they are popular in the UAE due to their valuable services. They specialize in property leasing, sales, handling and management. Throughout their span, they have won multiple awards, including Emaar Platinum Agent, Exclusive Agency Award, Dubai Properties Top 5 Real Estate Agency Award, etc. 

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Contact: +971 4 362 7788

#9. Allsopp & Allsopp

Allsopp & Allsopp is a well-known property dealer based in UAE. The agency started in 2008, and they have won several awards due to its exceptional skills and services. Some of the awards and honours that Allsopp & Allsopp has won include Lettings Agency Award, the best Real Estate Agency in Dubai and the finest Letting Agency in Arabia. 

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Contact: +971 4 429 4444

#10. Tanami Properties Dubai


Looking for a unique opportunity to get an ideal property in Dubai? If so, then Tanami Properties Dubai is one of the right choices. They provide multiple opportunities when it comes to real estate services in the UAE. They have a wide range of properties as available options for you. They help with buying, renting and selling properties in Dubai. With a complete list of properties based on different criteria, they help individuals find their ideal property. Their full range of real estate services includes residential sales properties, sales of off-plan communities, real estate advisory, investment consultancy, mortgage advisory and property management.

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Contact: +971 4 248 3400


The top 10 real estate agencies in UAE helped people get their dream properties or professional advice in 2022. All the agencies have their own uniqueness and services. To understand which is best suited, individuals need to figure out their requirements and go for the agency that provides a similar section of the service.


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