Enhanced Way Of Recruitment With Versatile Consultancy – Deeksha Gandotra

Deeksha Gandotra, the Managing Director of Versatile Consultancy

We got a chance to interview Deeksha Gandotra, the Managing Director of Versatile Consultancy. She is an ambitious businesswoman who aims to support female entrepreneurs in making a change globally. She encourages women to take a step forward and follow their dreams. She is even in the “Top 10 Indian Women Leaders in the Middle East.” She shows her recognition globally.

Her company, Versatile Consultancy, is a global recruitment platform focused on an efficient expatriate recruitment life cycle. 

We started off with the introductions. Let’s learn about Deeksha Gandotra and her company through our interview.

The Career Pathway

What’s the idea behind your company? 


Deeksha says, “To be able to get companies’ best talent which in turn leads to the growth of their business.”`

“How did you begin your career journey? Do you have some advice for beginners?”

She continues, “I always wanted to be an entrepreneur and was certain in my head. At 23, I felt I had lost myself, but then I got a call from my Dad asking me if I wanted to run a company, which was the turning point of my life. I moved to Dubai, and the rest is history. My advice to beginners is till the age of 25 to 28 years, please, please don’t keep money at the focal point. You need to have a learning attitude and try to learn as much as possible, and money will automatically come. Also, one of my most important learnings has been to stay humble.”

Further, we also discussed team success and business goals with Deeksha. Let’s see what her views are on it.

The Ultimate Goals And Team Success

“What’s the goal of your company?” We asked.

Deeksha says, “To get listed on the stock exchange and to be amongst the top 5 companies in the world. But before that, I want to make sure we have the happiest employees who would never want to leave our company.”

We further asked, “What makes the team successful, in your opinion?”

According to Deeksha, “Faith, loyalty, and a growth attitude” are the most crucial factors for team unity and success.

We were also curious about Deeksha’s views on employees and their productivity. So, we asked her, “How important are employees’ energy levels to your company’s success?”

“Extremely important as they drive the company’s growth and positive energy is the key factor to growth.” Deeksha shares.

Further, we also asked her, “How do you plan to motivate your team to go the extra mile?”

She continues, “By always making sure they feel they are growing with the company.”

Tackling Challenges & Focusing On Technological Transition

We also wanted to know how Deeksha and her company tackle the hurdles and get aligned with the current trends. So we asked her a few questions on this as well.

“What keeps your company moving forward even during challenges?”

According to her, “Excellent team support and never say die attitude” helps her and her company to tackle the hurdle and focus on the broader aspects.

“How do you think technology is leading to changes in businesses? Do you feel it’s helping your company grow?”

Deeksha continues, “It helps in streamlining everything in one place, and tech is the future. We all have to adapt to it. Otherwise, we can become an obsolete business model.”

While discussing technology, digitalization also comes to mind considering modern trends. So, we asked Deeksha, “How is your company adapting to digitalization? 

“We have all our databases online and on one platform from where we monitor and update,” says Deeksha.

Innovative Services To Look Forward To

When we asked Deeksha if she uses innovative ideas to reach success, she said, “We try from time to time.” Their innovative and creative minds are noticeable through their exceptional services.

To give our viewers an idea about this, we asked Deeksha to share the services offered by Versatile Consultancy. She continues:

Versatile Consultancy is a global recruitment company with a bandwidth in over 53 countries. We have also launched a technology company called Blue Bird Cloud service providers, and stay tuned for that.

And, lastly, who wouldn’t love to get some words of advice from a professional? So, we asked Deeksha, “Would you like to say anything else to our viewers?” 

“Go network. It’s the best way to grow your business. Also, it’s a world of collaboration, not competition.” she concludes.

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